Guardian Video’s posted in the last month. A top 10 of World VS World footage is shown below.
How to play a support guardian or a trapper, if it is posted the last month, it will be on this page

GW2 Guardian WvW / PvP Montage "Crimson" by DoNotD

Date published: 11/01/19
Channel name: DoNotD

Description: Hello Guild Wars 2 community! We are a exclusive video editing service. You are looking for editing advices, editors for a project or just want to get in ...

"Too much Salt" | GW2 | Guardian | WvW

Date published: 12/01/19
Channel name: Special Snowflake

Description: a short vid cuz been busy with work, why people gotta be so salty xD Remember to like subscribe and comment or HMU in game at KyleKyle.4153.

"Invaders Must Die" | GW2 | WvW Roaming | Core Guardian

Date published: 15/01/19
Channel name: Special Snowflake

Description: some core guard fights ive had recently all in good fun! 😀 remember to like subscribe and comment for more or hmu in game at KyleKyle.4153.

Guild Wars 2 WVW [BOZ] guardian/warrior Zerg highlights

Date published: 04/01/19
Channel name: Richard GJ

Description: Hai im richard leader of BOZ this is where i post random things from my time with my guild and when i pugmand. Located on Anvil rock home of the AR alliance.

GW2 - Elementalist loosing 12 times vs. Guardian WvW - no music

Date published: 05/01/19
Channel name: Luigipwnz

Description: Uploading this so maybe someone wants to comment what i should've done better. I thought i got better. No i didn't :). Thx 2 random dude fighting me.

Jaukk On Guardian/ FB PoV/ NA WvW T1 GW2

Date published: 18/01/19
Channel name: Jaukk Kurnian

Description: Não houve inteção de ferir direitos autorais nesse vídeo Link das musicas originais: ...

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