Guardian Video’s posted in the last month. A top 10 of World VS World footage is shown below.
How to play a support guardian or a trapper, if it is posted the last month, it will be on this page

GW2 WvW Burn guardian zergbusting post 7/16 patch

Date published: 19/07/19
Channel name: Risen Howl

Description: Guild wars 2 guardian clips from world vs world, fights start at 3:00 But really, guards can't dps and should only fill a support role right?

GW2 Guguru [Guardian] 'WvW Clips' v.9 WvW Roaming

Date published: 11/07/19
Channel name: Guguru


Dragon Hunter Guardian WvW Outnumbered Roaming mini movie

Date published: 10/07/19
Channel name: Tryfox95

Description: Hey guys so here is a little mini movie i created where i gave my DH a story too honestly this one was a blast to make i hope you guys find the gameplay ...

EXONENT - Dragon Hunter Guardian DH WvW GW2

Date published: 13/07/19
Channel name: EXONENT

Description: Support the stream: Dragon Hunter Guardian DH HarD WvW Roaming GW2 One Shot Multiclass WvW ( Dragon Hunter ...

Guild Wars2 wvw guardian (fb, dh, core )

Date published: 23/06/19
Channel name: Lucifer


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