Guardian Video’s posted in the last month. A top 10 of World VS World footage is shown below.
How to play a support guardian or a trapper, if it is posted the last month, it will be on this page

GW2 Guardian in 2020 | WvW Roaming by DoNotD

Date published: 15/02/20
Channel name: DoNotD

Description: I am very happy to share a new guardian montage with you! It has been such a long time, since the last upload.. I feel sorry haha Enjoy! Account: ...

GW2 - Burst Guardian WvW Roaming Montage | JessTheStardustCharr

Date published: 08/02/20
Channel name: JessTheStardustCharr

Description: A WvW Roaming Montage in Guild Wars 2 with a Burst Guardian! Trying out some other builds! Hope you enjoy! 🙂 Burst Guard Build:

GW2 Free to Play WvW Guardian [The Chaser] 2020

Date published: 10/02/20
Channel name: 소리켄Soriken

Description: not EZ, but Fun~ You know~ Huh~? ✔️Track - boston-destruction ✔️Youtube - ✔️나눔뮤직 ...

Guild Wars 2 {BT} Guardian Edoxanes WvW Roaming Duels #1

Date published: 03/02/20
Channel name: edoxane

Description: New roaming videos with my guardian ! Special Thanks to DonotD for the duel !

Guild Wars2 WvW guardian gameplay

Date published: 19/01/20
Channel name: Lucifer


GW2 Sheraxo - Hammer Wars | Core Oneshot Guardian | WvW Roaming Montage

Date published: 14/02/20
Channel name: Sheraxo

Description: Read the Description for more Info ▽ Hey Sheraxo here, Lets swing some Hammers before the big balancepatch strikes into #GuildWars2 . Enjoy! This video ...

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