Guardian Video’s posted in the last month. A top 10 of World VS World footage is shown below.
How to play a support guardian or a trapper, if it is posted the last month, it will be on this page

GW2 Guardian WvW Roaming Montage - The Corrupted Paladin #MakeRoamingGreatAgain

Date published: 16/01/21
Channel name: Vallun

Description: Guild Wars 2 WvW Guardian Roaming Montage. When a Diseased Dragon and a Paladin come together... My MRGA submision, the details of which can be ...

GW2 - Shai - Firebrand - Guardian Core Roaming/wVw neWen V.3

Date published: 25/12/20
Channel name: Shai nWn

Description: Server: [Baruch Bay] Guild: neWen [nWn] Account: Shaitan.4790 DISCLAIMER: No copyright infringement intended. This video is strictly intended for ...

GW2 | WvW | Guardian and Dragonhunter | Roaming

Date published: 21/12/20
Channel name: m4d1337

Description: Mixed clips of various WvW content. Roaming, 1v1s, outnumbered fights etc.

GW2 Sheraxo - Random wvw memes from december. GUARDIAN / MESMER WvW-Roaming

Date published: 20/12/20
Channel name: Sheraxo

Description: Read the Description for more Info ▽ Hey Sheraxo here, This video is just a combination of funny clips from my December in #GuildWars2 , i edited it last night ...

GW2 WvW Support Core Guardian Gameplay

Date published: 01/01/21
Channel name: metallone GW2

Description: A strong alternative to Support Firebrand, in case you don't have the specialization yet or just feel playing wrong the class. This build has way more cleanses ...

GW2: WvW Guardian Vol 2 - Baby's on Fire

Date published: 30/12/20
Channel name: Mugen Gaming

Description: hybrid burnguard clips from 22/12/20. Some of the fights were against cleanse heavy groups.

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