Guardian Video’s posted in the last month. A top 10 of World VS World footage is shown below.
How to play a support guardian or a trapper, if it is posted the last month, it will be on this page

GW2 Guguru [Guardian] 'duo class*' v.7 WvW Roaming

Date published: 19/10/18
Channel name: Guguru

Description: Music: Speed Machine - Confrontation Dubmood - Mirage IV Daniel Deluxe - Darkness Servers: Fissure of Woe - EU Crystal Desert - NA Designs by Yara.2406.

Guild Wars 2 [vT] Soki WvW Roaming- Core Guardian #1

Date published: 09/11/18
Channel name: Kramer

Description: Yo here are some clips playing core guardian taking lil break from mesmer any questions hit me up in game or comments- KevEveryDay.8163 Ive been ...

Core & DH Guardian - WvW - Guild Wars 2

Date published: 22/10/18
Channel name: MiMi

Description: Thank You For Watching...... ***DISCLAMER*** I do not own any of the music that are used in this product. The content used belongs to their respectful owners ...

GW2 WvW Hammer guardian roaming Vol. 2

Date published: 05/11/18
Channel name: GW2 Fluffy

Description: Roaming solo and with guildies and friends 🙂 Changing between shield and focus but build is pretty much the same than before. Music is from NEFFEX ^^ Build ...

WvW Guardian | GW2 |

Date published: 21/10/18
Channel name: uani Mundis

Description: Fun moments in gw2 !

GW2 [QQ] WvW Outnumbered - Billy Goats (Guardian POV)

Date published: 28/10/18
Channel name: Pray4Mantis

Description: Not Just Another Forum Warrior [QQ] Guild Wars 2 - Piken Square A small hiatus and connection issues you'll see here haven't made for pretty fights. 2 healers ...

GW2 | Stand-Off! | Guardian | CTAG | WvW

Date published: 01/11/18
Channel name: CA Games

Description: Just a small clip from about an hour as my Guardian. Apologies for the stuttering, clearly internet was not having a good day! -- Watch live at ...

Guild Wars 2 : The Flőck [tF] GvG/WvW - Guardian Lead Pov

Date published: 12/11/18
Channel name: hallo

Description: this footage is from za commandore from the flockers.. his name is swaggy. he czech and parttime rapper.. he from favela dont forgot.. so he has no youutbe acc..

GW2 | Retaking Run | Guardian | WvW

Date published: 02/11/18
Channel name: CA Games

Description: Under command of Wolfcaz, our small group retakes what we can! -- Watch live at

[Meme Raids] A WvW guild takes on the Vale Guardian!

Date published: 31/10/18
Channel name: TheBigDoge

Description: Zero Gaming | getting their first boss kill! Note: WvW is still a dead game mode.

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