Guardian Video’s posted in the last month. A top 10 of World VS World footage is shown below.
How to play a support guardian or a trapper, if it is posted the last month, it will be on this page

[GW2 WVW] Going oldschool with staff/hammer guardian

Date published: 22/03/20
Channel name: Akami is Fish

Description: Music: Archie - Chasing The Sunrise.

Guild Wars 2 - PoV - Guardian ministrel in WvW

Date published: 18/03/20
Channel name: Nikolaos Helion

Description: Copyright for the song : Linkin Park - Papercut & One step closer - 2000 #Rest In Peace Driver : Sunny Streaming majority of the time when we raid. Go follow ...

Gw2 WvW Burn Guardian clips

Date published: 29/03/20
Channel name: hadi riduan


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