On this page you find the top 10 of video’s uploaded this past month.
This section is all about Elementalist PVP footage. Have fun watching this GW2 Elementalist PVP video list.

Guild Wars 2 PvP - Fresh Air Elementalist

Date published: 19/10/20
Channel name: Happy No

Description: Sup guys !!! Here we go with another one the fresh air elementalist a f2p build for everyone! Keep in mind this is some kind of a fun build and not viable for ...

GW2 SPvP 5v5 Double Dagger Weaver Elementalist Flawless PvP

Date published: 03/10/20
Channel name: Cloud Nine PvP


GW2 Elementalist Weaver PVP Dagger/Sword Spec

Date published: 11/10/20
Channel name: Saybree's MMO Channel

Description: Saybree Rayne going ham in some GW2 Arena. High Burst Damage. Fire, Air, and Weaver build.

Mertins The Overseer, Guild Wars 2, PVP MASTERS ELEMENTALIST, CAKE, WOLF, HUNT PLAY 24 kills

Date published: 04/10/20
Channel name: The Envoy of Shards

Description: 1h8m PVP.

Guildwars 2 pvp DD core Elementalist gameplay vol.1

Date published: 07/10/20
Channel name: HowToAlex

Description: Enjoying some awesome games!

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