On this page you find the top 10 of video’s uploaded this past month.
This section is all about guardian PVP footage. Have fun watching this GW2 guardian PVP video list.

GW2 - Radiant Hammer Guardian PvP

Date published: 17/11/18
Channel name: Happy No

Description: Sup guys !!! On this video you see the radiant hammer guardian with the rune of the strength for the max dmg output! It's a fast burst build with high risk high ...

Guild Wars 2 - Burn Guardian PvP

Date published: 23/01/19
Channel name: Happy No

Description: Ola Hermanos :-O First before you read this thanks a lot a lot a lot for over 2'000'000 views on my channel and for over the 5'700 subscribers that's awesome!

GW2 | How to carry as Core Guardian in Ranked PvP

Date published: 26/06/18
Channel name: Hollts

Description: I meaaaaaannnnn that was a really nice one shot and that little clip is the only reason why I posted this lol. Core Hammer Guardian is the only thing I'm playing ...

Guild Wars 2 - Burn Guardian PvP #NoExpansions

Date published: 14/04/18
Channel name: Happy No

Description: Miredita & merhaba my friends ! For all my core players I won't forget you guys ! The core burn guardian with meditations for all the core players who want a ...

GW2 Guardian WvW / PvP Montage "Crimson" by DoNotD

Date published: 11/01/19
Channel name: DoNotD

Description: Hello Guild Wars 2 community! We are a exclusive video editing service. You are looking for editing advices, editors for a project or just want to get in ...

GUILD WARS 2 | BUILDS PVP Free To Play | GUARDIAN | Server Opcional para los nuevos!!

Date published: 21/01/17
Channel name: RevenantL0L

Description: DESCARGA Guild Wars 2 gratis: ▻▻Comprar Expansión: Servidor Bahía de Baruch [ES] Gandara [EUROPA] ...

Quick GS Core Guardian Build Guide - Vallun - Guild Wars 2 PvP

Date published: 24/06/18
Channel name: Vallun

Description: Build: ...

GW2 F2P PvP Core Guardian 2019 #GW2 #PvP #Guardian

Date published: 03/03/19
Channel name: 소리켄Soriken

Description: Hi~ Ping was over 400(EU), but I played the match with a legendary player. It was so fun. Thx Kame ^^ Thank you for watching~

Guild Wars 2 - Core guardian build - PvP Ranked - High DPS

Date published: 12/02/19
Channel name: Diablo San

Description: Build - 9:56 Guild Wars 2 - Music - 1) ...

Guild Wars 2 PVP: Guardian 1st Look

Date published: 01/07/12
Channel name: Taugrim

Description: My first look at the Guardian class in GW2. In this video I play a build that focuses on Meditations and Signets, using Sword/Shield and Sceptre/Focus as the ...

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