On this page you find the top 10 of video’s uploaded this past month.
This section is all about guardian PVP footage. Have fun watching this GW2 guardian PVP video list.

Guild Wars 2 PvP - Core Support Guardian

Date published: 11/10/20
Channel name: Happy No

Description: Sup guys !!! Happy No back with a brand new fresh core guardian build. As you all know I am a guardian main and don't like to play always meta stuff so I ...

[GW2-PVP] Guia de Guardian symbolic y sus variantes.

Date published: 23/09/20
Channel name: Battle Efficiency

Description: Guía completa de Guardian para raid [PVE] de Vortus: -Compra la expansión Heart of ...

Guild Wars 2 Burning Guardian PVP gameplay

Date published: 18/10/20
Channel name: Naked Cobra

Description: Hi everyone this is my Guardian Sir snacks alot. I found a Build for him on a website and boy it's good. it's very enjoyable and fun to play and it helps you and ...

Guild Wars 2 AOE KING Guardian Dragonhunter PVP Gameplay

Date published: 21/10/20
Channel name: Naked Cobra

Description: Hi everyone i hope you are all good i have been streaming on Twitch. I will also start streaming on YouTube soon too i just need to sort somethings out.

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