On this page you find the top 10 of video’s uploaded this past month.
This section is all about Ranger PVP footage. Have fun watching this GW2 Ranger PVP video list.

Guild Wars 2 Soulbeast Ranger of Power PVP gameplay

Date published: 06/10/20
Channel name: Naked Cobra

Description: Hi everyone I hope you enjoy this video. I wanted to try out my Hard hitting Ranger and see how far I could push it. I've tried to Double the Damage output and ...

Guild Wars 2 Burst and power Soulbeast Ranger PVP gameplay

Date published: 09/10/20
Channel name: Naked Cobra

Description: Hi everyone I'm still testing out builds for Soulbeast Ranger Class so no build yet. also I have been having pc problems and I'm waiting for my new pc to get ...

Guild Wars 2 400K DAMAGE PVP Power Core Ranger

Date published: 23/09/20
Channel name: Naked Cobra

Description: Hello everyone! I hope you enjoy the video. I plan to do some Necromancer gameplay soon in PVP. But I've been having a great time on my Ranger pet Build.

Guild Wars 2 Core Ranger Build For PVP / pve Longbow Warhorn and Axe

Date published: 29/09/20
Channel name: Naked Cobra

Description: Hi everyone this is a update to my Ranger Build for GW2. I have changed something's to output more damage then the old build. I have hope this helps you guys ...

Guild Wars 2 - Ranger Soulbeast PvP 3vs3

Date published: 18/10/20
Channel name: alex werdehausen


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