This section is all about Ranger WVW footage. Have fun watching this guild wars 2 World VS World video’s played by Rangers.
The list shows the trending Ranger video’s of the past month.

Ancient Seeds Druid - Guild Wars 2 Ranger WvW Roaming Build Guide

Date published: 10/10/20
Channel name: Vallun

Description: The ancient seeds druid build is a unique playstyle to GW2 WvW because it is actually useful in a team setting, but can also be super annoying to deal with in ...

GW2 WvW Ranger - Testing Double Longbow in Zerg

Date published: 10/10/20
Channel name: Wizzö

Description: Servus zusammen, bin grad mal wieder am Rumprobieren 🙂 Die Standard-Rootmaschine für den Zerg kennt man ja schon. Interessant ist der Doppel-LB auf ...

Gw2 - Ranger - WvW - Rank 220 yay

Date published: 01/10/20
Channel name: Arescfh

Description: Moar messing about. Feeling better so I may go out and pick moar fights.

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