This section is all about Ranger WVW footage. Have fun watching this guild wars 2 World VS World video’s played by Rangers.
The list shows the trending Ranger video’s of the past month.

Roaming WvW New Druid Build The Most aggressive Condition Ranger GW2

Date published: 17/03/21
Channel name: Paper Roll

Description: Hello my people new style with the lovely roaming I know it has been a while 00:00 intro 00:11 kit and fight 02:14 big fight 06:04 1vx 09:41 more 1vx 13:14 1v1 ...

Big blobs fights | Ranger | Eternal Battlegrounds | WvW | Guild Wars 2

Date published: 15/03/21
Channel name: 99MidnightGamer

Description: gw2 #fight #bigfights #ranger #borlis Playing a ranger( I'm new at the ranger) in world vs world in guild wars 2. I rarely play the ranger Have some tips let them ...

Revawin Immobeast Ranger ! Gw2 WvW

Date published: 17/03/21
Channel name: Evan Revawin

Description: Yes ! Follow.

Guild Wars 2 WvW Stream #13 | Soulbeast Immob[Ranger] | Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!

Date published: 30/03/21
Channel name: NaksGanja

Description: Let's play... Guild Wars 2! Join me and let's have some good WvW fun with some mediocre gameplay on my Soulbeast. I will be running different builds for the ...

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