This section is all about Thief WVW footage. Have fun watching this guild wars 2 World VS World video’s played by the sneaky Thiefs.
The list shows the trending Thief video’s of the past month.

Sword Dagger Thief - GW2 WvW Roaming Build Guide

Date published: 13/03/21
Channel name: Vallun

Description: The S/D Thief is a GW2 WvW playstyle that revolves less around stealth and more around positioning and ports to survive while also having good sustain ...

GW2 | S/D & D/P Thief | WvW Montage | Roaming/Dueling #16

Date published: 26/03/21
Channel name: Hi Im Yama

Description: Outnumbered Thief Roaming & Outplays 1v1 like and subscribe for more le content tyvm BACK TO LE MONTAGE! hope you enjoy watching, cya next week or ...

GW2 - Power Revenant & S/D Thief WvW Roaming - Vol.8

Date published: 15/03/21
Channel name: Vilok

Description: Some clips with Power herald and Sword/Dagger Thief from past 2 weeks or so. Hope you enjoy it! Music: A very Cold DJ set (Yotto) 1. New Era - Yotto 2. I Want ...

The Adventures of Stabitha: 23 [GW2 WVW THIEF ROAMING] Filthy ganker edition

Date published: 14/03/21
Channel name: Helicity Boson

Description: I went on a bit of a rampage last weekend, I hope you find the clips entertaining DE build:

[GW2] "My War" WvW Roaming Montage| Thief & War Edition

Date published: 26/03/21
Channel name: Corazon - GW2

Description: Some fights; check out the pinned comment!

【Changes】GW2 WvW Duels/Roaming SPB / S/D Core Thief

Date published: 31/03/21
Channel name: Carolin1

Description: more info below! - Discord: carolin#0001 Mod/s I use for GW2 to make my game look the way it does: d912pxy ReShade PC Specs: KFA2 RTX 2070S 8GB ...

Gw2 WvW Hidden thief trophies ! or Insults ?

Date published: 27/03/21
Channel name: Kazuya

Description: I think that's trophies 🙂 Tell me if you play thief how many messages like that do you received ? ^^ BTW it's always fun 🙂

Guild Wars 2 WvW | Quickness/Boon-Thief Chrono for roaming/small groups

Date published: 05/04/21
Channel name: Akami is Fish

Description: RIP 5 boons on cc? Check Steal 3 boons on cc? Check Good quickness uptime? Check Build:

Gw2 | Thief | WvW | Roaming-Dueling #1

Date published: 05/04/21
Channel name: Sinful

Description: Montage of roaming/duels in WvW on Thief. Build:Full Marauder other than Berserker Valkyrie jewelries. And classic RIFLE/SD/DP builds. Nothing extraordinary.

Guild Wars 2 WvW - Thief Duels

Date published: 11/03/21
Channel name: GildWats GildWats

Description: Hope you like it. GG`s to the people i dueled with, was fun. \\Disclaimer// No copyright infringement intended. This video is strictly for entertainment purposes only ...

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