This section is all about Thief WVW footage. Have fun watching this guild wars 2 World VS World video’s played by the sneaky Thiefs.
The list shows the trending Thief video’s of the past month.

Guild Wars 2 | D/D Thief WvW Roaming 2019 | Series 1 | Redeemer

Date published: 07/06/19
Channel name: Redeemer

Description: It's here! D/D Thief WvW Roaming in 2019! I tried to fight each class. Some simple, some hard; outnumbered and solo, condi and power. This build is pretty ...

Gw2 WvW - [Cake] Kaze - Thief roaming journey from HoT till PoF

Date published: 13/06/19
Channel name: Kaze Shiro Kami

Description: This is a compilation of all clips I gathered over the years, from older to most recent. Thief is kinda dead now so I won't be uploading any more thief footage most ...

GW2 | Sbobbi D/D Thief WvW Roaming | Suicide

Date published: 29/05/19
Channel name: Sbobby

Description: IGN: sbobby.5401 Builds : ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Songs: Slipknot - Everything Ends Five Finger ...

WvW GW2 Roaming S/D Thief "What Do You Want From Me?"

Date published: 04/06/19
Channel name: Devoted Core

Description: Back at it again with another thief video, yes i know, "where is core necro?"... well trying to get a nice fight on core necro with mounts always jumping on you, ...

The Adventures of Stabitha: 10 [GW2 WVW THIEF]

Date published: 20/06/19
Channel name: Helicity Boson

Description: So I dusted off good old Stabitha and played some Deadeye and tried to learn some Staff Daredevil. Staff is SUPER FUN, and I highly recommend giving it a go!

Thief WvW/PVP

Date published: 11/06/19
Channel name: Eljudnirx

Description: Multistreaming with Newbie.

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