This section is all about Warrior WVW footage. Have fun watching this guild wars 2 World VS World video’s played by the mighty Warriors.
The list shows the trending Warrior video’s of the past month.

Guild Wars 2 Warrior solo roaming, destroying the necro-piñatas of WvW

Date published: 10/03/21
Channel name: Scientist Albert Einstein

Description: The runes you can choose the ones you like for more damage or more sustain depending on your needs. Runes that go well with this build are: Antitoxin (to ...

Gw2 - WvW - Outnumbered - Warrior Roaming

Date published: 19/03/21
Channel name: raph'

Description: Spellbreaker and core warrior ???? Core Warrior build : http://gw2skills.net/editor/?

Gw2 WARRIOR WvW \\Rot vs Elementalist trash bag exploiter

Date published: 24/03/21
Channel name: Rot Maggot

Description: 5000 RANGE AUTO ATTACK POG! NERF ELE! #GW2​ #WvW​ Roaming #Warrior​ #Berserker​ Guild Wars 2 [Main] Rot Maggot/// Trailblazers Condition ...

Gw2 - WvW - Outnumbered - Warrior Roaming v2

Date published: 20/03/21
Channel name: raph'

Description: Ingame : rapphi.3712 (augury rock) hey ! if you are in my server, let's go roam together 🙂 core warrior build : http://gw2skills.net/editor/?

Gw2 - WvW - Outnumbered - Warrior Roaming v4

Date published: 24/03/21
Channel name: raph'

Description: in game : rapphi.3712.

Gw2 - WvW - Warrior - Roaming - Dueling v3

Date published: 22/03/21
Channel name: raph'

Description: in game : rapphi.3712 core warrior build : http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PKxAEd7lJwwYJsLWJOWTpLfA-zVRYBBLG1vTJQJQmigOVA9KE04FJM2DvGBssB-w ...

GW2 WvW PvP Tanky Healing Spellbreaker Warrior

Date published: 02/04/21
Channel name: Cloud Nine PvP


WvW Warrior GW2 | Big Fights for Bay and Hills

Date published: 29/03/21
Channel name: 99MidnightGamer

Description: 99midnightgamer #warrior #justforfun Borlis Vs muguma/darkhaven fights everwhere in wvw this week Artist Muisc Nico Staf Stolen Momnets.

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