This section is all about Warrior WVW footage. Have fun watching this guild wars 2 World VS World video’s played by the mighty Warriors.
The list shows the trending Warrior video’s of the past month.

Guild Wars 2 | [vT] Agriope 💀 Warrior Spellbreaker WvW Roaming #19

Date published: 25/10/18
Channel name: Agriope

Description: spooker time! hello again! i didn't put out a montage last week cuz i did the build video instead. if you haven't seen it yet, go check it out on my channel's front ...

GW2 - Titania [Warrior] Spellbreaker / Core WvW Vol.7

Date published: 14/10/18
Channel name: Titania

Description: hello guys and ty for 300 subs 🙂 Build CORE: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?

Guild Wars 2 | [vT] Agriope 💀 Warrior Spellbreaker WvW Roaming #20

Date published: 07/11/18
Channel name: Agriope

Description: hey friends! welcome back! this is a long vid, 'cuz i felt like it since it's the 20th warrior vid in this little chain of vids i've been making. hope it's not too much of a ...

GW2 - Törsi [Warrior] - WvW Roaming #27

Date published: 23/10/18
Channel name: Törsi

Description: Ingame: Baze.3980 Server: Abaddon's Mouth Guild: Die Söhne Spartas [DSS] Chatcover by: benn.1240 Music: 1.Unlike Pluto - Cruel 2.ZAYDE WOLF - NEXT ...

Guild Wars 2 Warrior/Spellbreaker Outnumbered PvP/WvW Highlights

Date published: 16/10/18
Channel name: Tenchi Himura

Description: This is my first video in awhile, I know the editing is still needs work but bear with me. , i don't mind throwing it in the editor. Song names and artist are in the ...

Guild Wars 2 | [vT] Agriope 💀 Warrior Spellbreaker WvW Roaming #21

Date published: 12/11/18
Channel name: Agriope

Description: quicker than average vid, wanted to get this out before the nov 13th patch tomorrow, tbh, so i could nuke the other pre-patch videos that have been lingering ...

GW2 WvW Multi Class (mainly Warrior) | Outnumbered Roaming & Duels | Ep. 2

Date published: 08/11/18
Channel name: Meepey Plays

Description: Getting rid of old clips, I don't have a lot of time to play GW2 these days https://twitter.com/Secret_meepeY Music: Dimension - Black Church Sub Focus ...

GW2 | Oashoka [Warrior] WvW Outnumbered #1

Date published: 14/10/18
Channel name: Oashoka

Description: the new series Outnumbered wvw roaming is here ! Thanks for watching! you can contact me ingame: alex the snake.3687 or: Oashoká Build: ...

Guild WARs 2 - Path of Fire - Warrior/BERSERKER - CONDITION REVIVE WVW Build 2018

Date published: 27/10/18
Channel name: Ante Mortem

Description: Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/antemortemtv RECAP: PRO: +Masivní condi dmg, jež vzhledem k fast stacku se nedá ucleansovat, +Masivní CC, +velká výdrž ...

GW2 WvW Warrior Final Thrust Montage Pt. 2

Date published: 15/10/18
Channel name: TasteOfChaos

Description: Songs are copyright of Ryback Theme, Yello - Oh yeah.

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