This section is all about Warrior WVW footage. Have fun watching this guild wars 2 World VS World video’s played by the mighty Warriors.
The list shows the trending Warrior video’s of the past month.

GW2 - Törsi [Warrior] - WvW Roaming #28

Date published: 13/01/19
Channel name: Törsi

Description: Ingame: Baze.3980 Server: Abaddon's Mouth Guild: Die Söhne Spartas [DSS] Chatcover by: benn.1240 Music: 1.Tristam - Crave 2.Jackson Breit - 679 & No ...

MaaZe - Warrior PoV - Guild Wars 2 - WvW Roaming with Tova - Great Winter [Ice] #3

Date published: 24/12/18
Channel name: MaaZe

Description: [Ice] Great Winter are a WvW guild on Whiteside Ridge. We run with a group between 17-22. Looking to Apply? Apply here: http://greatwinter.shivtr.com/ Saga of ...

GW2-WvW roaming Warrior Spellbreaker Outnumbered[Patada]

Date published: 10/01/19
Channel name: Bro Players


Guild Wars 2 WVW [BOZ] guardian/warrior Zerg highlights

Date published: 04/01/19
Channel name: Richard GJ

Description: Hai im richard leader of BOZ this is where i post random things from my time with my guild and when i pugmand. Located on Anvil rock home of the AR alliance.

Guild Wars 2 : The Flőck [tF] GvG/WvW - Montage [Warrior POV]

Date published: 19/01/19
Channel name: Inkk

Description: GW2 | The Flock [tF] All footage was recorded in a time span of 4-5 months leading up to the end of 2018. Thanks to all the guilds who we fought! Servers | Vabbi ...

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