This section is all about Warrior WVW footage. Have fun watching this guild wars 2 World VS World video’s played by the mighty Warriors.
The list shows the trending Warrior video’s of the past month.

GW2 - Regan Warrior Spellbreaker - WvW/PvP #8

Date published: 19/07/19
Channel name: Regan

Description: Hey les Bro's ! c'est ma neuvième vidéo en Roaming/PvP/Duel sur Guild wars 2 j'espère qu'elle vous plaira ! Oubliez pas de lâchez votre pouce bleu si la vidéo ...

GW2 | Krewcify | No Motive | WvW | Warrior

Date published: 11/08/19
Channel name: Mark Mapa

Description: Warrior PoV of some of No Motives Best Fights in the last month. We play on HOD server who is currently looking to rebuild and bring our server back to its ...

GW2 WvW Warrior - Roaming

Date published: 21/07/19
Channel name: schilge

Description: Musik Wildchild - Renegade Master [Friend Within Refix]

Guild wars 2 Warrior PoV (SEAL) SoS WvW

Date published: 17/07/19
Channel name: Hexx

Description: First week of moving to Sea of Sorrows Much love to the server everyone has been super nice to us Guild: Knights of Seal (SEAL) Build: ...

GW2 WvW Warrior - Roaming 2

Date published: 29/07/19
Channel name: schilge

Description: Song: nirvana smells like teen spirit.

Guild Wars 2 Clip WvW Build Guerrero Rompehechizos Warrior Spellbreaker

Date published: 14/08/19
Channel name: Discordia

Description: rápido fácil y para toda la familia. en el vídeo se puede ver a 2 thiefs ambos de distintos servidores. pero terminamos encargándonos de ambos. el vídeo ...

GW2 WvW Warrior - Roaming 3

Date published: 16/08/19
Channel name: schilge

Description: Song: Amon Amarth The Berserker at Stamford Bridge Clan: Frostwolfs Clan [WOLF] Server: Drakkar Lake.

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