This section is all about Warrior WVW footage. Have fun watching this guild wars 2 World VS World video’s played by the mighty Warriors.
The list shows the trending Warrior video’s of the past month.

Arracher et Déchirer Gw2-DPS-Warrior-WvW

Date published: 23/12/20
Channel name: Grogert Wolfborn

Description: Video available in 4K! Longbow go BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR Merry Christmas to my Homies Music: Doom - OST - Hell on Earth ...

GW2 Warrior WvW - [dT] Xacafu - Spinning SpellBroken D P S #9

Date published: 26/12/20
Channel name: Xacafu GW2

Description: Hey guys whats up! I hope you are safe in these times. I bring you some clips with the warrior dps after the nerf that suffered the support. I hope you enjoy it.

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