This section is all about Elementalist WVW footage. Have fun watching this guild wars 2 Elementalist World VS World video’s.
The list shows the trending elementalist video’s of the past month.

WEAVER MASSACRE ! WvW Elementalist Outnumbered | Guild Wars 2

Date published: 18/01/19
Channel name: Cellofrag

Description: Elementalist Massacre ! A new Sword Weaver Guide is coming soon, but this one is still good : ▻ My Weaver Build / Guide ...

GW2 ONE SHOT elementalist weaver wvw roaming

Date published: 23/12/18
Channel name: Special Snowflake

Description: yo yo yo some one shotting out here for the holidays! Remember to like subscribe and comment or hmu in game at KyleKyle.4153.

GW2 - Elementalist loosing 12 times vs. Guardian WvW - no music

Date published: 05/01/19
Channel name: Luigipwnz

Description: Uploading this so maybe someone wants to comment what i should've done better. I thought i got better. No i didn't :). Thx 2 random dude fighting me.

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